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It’s OFFICIAL: GAMBIA wins JOLLOF rice competition in West AFRICA

The days of dispute between #Nigeria and #Ghana over who cooks the best jollof rice are officially over. #Gambia’s #jollof rice has been declared the best jollof in #WestAfrica, after defeating 15 other countries at the West African Food Festival 2023.

The event was organised by the Association of Professional Chefs Nigeria in collaboration with the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (#FTAN) and it stretched across six days that saw many indigenous meal exhibitions, master classes and #food and #wine tastings.

Gambia won against #Nigeria ??, #Ghana ??, #Liberia ?? and 12 other West African countries with its unique jollof recipe, which contains mustard, fish and unlike other jollof recipe, does not contain tomatoes.

Officially the feud is NOW finally over, but who wins it for you?

AFRICA’s cuisine to the WORLD.

Gambia ?? is an #AfCFTA member country

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