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Kigali: The Tech Post Office has been officially launched

By Basanda Ns Oswald

The National Post Office in Rwanda officially launched a technology called "ePoBox" to receive and send goods or messages to the person who wants to send them.

Those messages or products can be sent outside the country or brought into the country, those messages can go from the city of Kigali to the province or from the province to the city of Kigali.

Kayitare Celestin, the Director General of the Post Office in Rwanda, told the media that this technology will help traders who have been importing their products from China, Europe and elsewhere, where you will receive sufficient information, because you will have the address of where you live and how to reach you. the product or message you sent or sent, using less time and not wasting time to go and ask where your product or message has arrived.

There are people who used to use other people's addresses, but this technology has been officially launched "ePoBox", which will allow 9 million Rwandans out of 14 people living in Rwanda to be able to access this technology, because those who own a phone have this method. cheaper than used.

You want to access this technology by dialing *801*631# and following the instructions, where you are required to pay eight thousand during the whole year (8 000 frws) and register for Mobile Money (Momo Mtn).

And when you want to send your message or your goods, you have to pay to deliver them to your place of residence depending on the trip, because you live in the city of Kigali as opposed to the one who lives in the province.

Teta, a customer who used to order products from outside the country, said in his testimony that the usual method used by the Post Office required him to go to pick it up at the Post Office, in addition to spending a lot of time asking where his message has arrived, that this technology is going to to make it easier for him to know where his goods have arrived and when they arrived in Rwanda.

Twahir Mohamas, Senior Director of Digital Technology and an experienced MPost in Africa who lives in Nairobi, Kenya, testifies that this technology will help Africans to send different types of messages from abroad, which will reach you at your place of residence, where it will not require you to travel to find it. products around the world.

Twahir Mohamas testifies that when a person has his phone, and having an address is enough to enter and receive a certificate (Certificate) that gives you the right to receive messages or send your messages to those you want to reach him.

What the customer is required to do is provide his email address and receive his information or go to the National Post Office, who would like to pick up the message at the headquarters or have it delivered, it will depend on the way the customer has chosen.

To be able to get more information visit their website www.epobox.rw, and be able to get information on time. This technology was established on December 3, 2024, where at the African level it has its headquarters in Kigali, Rwanda. The company launched the system with the name of Digital MPost technology and ePoBox technology.

Journalists working with modern technology, at the invitation of the National Post Office Box of Rwanda (ePoBox) in the official launch of this technology that aims to ease the kilometers used from the city of Kigali to Mudugudu, where goods or messages sent to the owner.

This technology will make it easier for those who want to send or receive goods in the Rwanda Post Office Box (ePoBox) Virtual Post Box (ePoBox), this technology aims to simplify the kilometers used, facilitate and speed up delivery messages or goods sent to or from foreign countries in order to use time efficiently in order to accelerate the development of the population and accelerate the economy.

The "Digital" method of technology is gradually replacing the "Analog" method, where people took a long time to pick up the message and open the mailbox, even if they found that the message had not arrived, but this new method it will make you aware of the information on time, because you will be connected to technology, receiving messages or sending will help you use your time more effectively.

The National Post Office also referred to as iPOSITA, is a Public Institution operating in Rwanda’s service industry since 1922. Its mandate is stated as follows: To competitively deliver communication, parcels, and related services. To continually research, innovate and apply international best practice, To fulfill our Universal Service Obligation by seeking to serve the needs of every person and geographical region of Rwanda, and To satisfy the needs of all stakeholders.

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