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Egypt: From one sewing machine to a thriving business

Amal, a mother of four in rural Egypt, was helping provide for her family by sewing clothes and bedding for neighbors. However, with just one small sewing machine, she struggled to keep up with demand and was unable to take on larger projects. Amal's financial situation left her feeling hopeless.

Amal, a mother of four.

Then she heard about microloans sponsored by HANDS' supporters, which offered low-interest loans to entrepreneurs like herself.

Taking a leap of faith, she applied for a microloan and was thrilled to receive the news that she had been approved. With the funds, Amal purchased a second sewing machine, doubling her output and taking her business to new heights. Several loans later, with three machines running, Amal is producing more clothes and generating more income for her family.

As she began to produce more clothes, she realized that she also had an interest in raising chickens. So, with the help of HANDS’ supporters, Amal was able to obtain another loan to establish a small chicken coop on her land. She began with just a few chicks, but her project has grown in scale. She has purchased many more chicks, which she raises until they are 40 days old.

Amal's story is just one example of the incredible impact that your generosity is having on people's lives in Egypt. You are providing low-interest loans and other life-changing opportunities to individuals like Amal, helping them achieve their dreams and build sustainable livelihoods.

Amal, a mother of four.

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