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Minister Rwanyindo spoke about the causes of unemployment in Africa


The International Labour Organization is hosting its 19th Seminal for labor-based practitioners. The seminal is taking place in the city of Kigali, at the Intare Conference Arena, under the theme of "Promoting skills and productive (decent) jobs for our common better future".

This five-day international meeting at the African level, is the best platform to discuss and share experiences, best practices, and strategies on how to create communities that are resilient to socio-economic, environmental, and climate change hazards while ensuring a just transition through labor-intensive approaches.

The International Labor Organization's report of 2022, says that the unemployment rate in Africa had reached 7.1%.

During her opening remark, Hon. Rwanyindo K. Fanfan, the Minister of Public Service and Labour/Rwanda talks about the root of the knowledge-labor gap, which is still Africa's biggest source of unemployment.

"Solving this problem requires cooperation between different institutions, especially the private sector, so that the education and knowledge provided are aligned with the needs of the labor market in this time." Said Hon. Rwanyindo

Hon. Rwanyindo K. Fanfan,
​​​​​​during her opening remark.

Hon. Rwanyindo K. Fanfan says that "The seminar will highlight policies, tactics, and initiatives that support the creation of jobs, skill-learning possibilities, and business chances for African young women and men."

The problem of unemployment in Africa, especially among young people, is at the top of the agenda in this conference as researchers show that one in four African youth is unemployed.

The seminar brings together those working in the field of labor in the public sector, private sector, experts and researchers and international organizations.

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