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The key to sustainable development on the African continent is education.

For Africa GreenTec (AGT), as a technology pioneer, this is one of the greatest challenges. When we shipped our first solar container to Mali in 2015, it was the first photovoltaic system with a lithium storage system without diesel backup. At the time, SMA Solar Technology AG explicitly pointed out that they would not guarantee "this", because until then island grids in Africa had been operated almost exclusively with #Dieselgeneratoren.

Torsten Schreiber, Founder, CEO and CTO of Africa GreenTec (AGT), during training for technicians.

In the 2021 World Bank report on rural electrification, this system is the new "standard" and benchmark. But the technical novelty and our approach to consistently rely on expensive, German PV & storage technology in a highly subsidized market was crazy at the time, because it takes 15 years until we achieve profitability as an operator.

Together with the TESVOLT AG, who were a 5-man startup like us at the time, we followed this crazy path, but we had not found any employees in the whole country for both our smart meter approach and the lithium storage. The technology simply didn't exist yet. Today they are one of the leading battery storage providers and our "partner for the night" #Pioneers💕.

That's why, with Africa GreenTec, we focused on training our own technicians from day one, and I still remember that day when we had the first group of knowledge-hungry young electrical engineers sitting in front of us. The technique was quickly learned and mastered, the idea of social entrepreneurship I explain to this day often in vain. But I feel the same way about our investors.

“Nevertheless, I am very proud that more than 150 employees in (7) countries now work for us at 25 locations and that every week we give new, young and motivated people a perspective to be part of a big idea and to give up to 3 million people fair, affordable access to electricity, water and cold chains by 2030. #nixBlaBla #WeDo.” Said Torsten Schreiber, Founder, CEO and CTO of Africa GreenTec (AGT).

📈 If you want to be part of this story, then #SeiDabei and invest now from 250 € in our social enterprise (note the risk advice): https://lnkd.in/eF-CvjF5

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Torsten Schreiber, Founder, CEO and CTO of Africa GreenTec (AGT), during training for technicians.

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