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Ericsson reinforces partnerships and foster conversation on digital growth in Rwanda

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) affirms its commitment to Africa by concluding leadership led visit and engagement with key partners, customers, country stakeholders, and industry leaders in Rwanda.

The team from Ericsson with Ms Paula Ingabire, Minister of ICT and Innovation in Rwanda.

The visit to Rwanda is a testament to Ericsson's unwavering dedication to enabling sustainable development in the country and across Africa, harnessing the power of connectivity and technology to bridge the digital divide and drive socio-economic progress.

During the visit, Ericsson executives engaged in productive discussions highlighting the pivotal role of connectivity, and the acceleration of digitalization in the country leveraging Ericsson's industry-leading technologies such as 4G, 5G, AI and the cloud. Discussions revolved around how to mobilize these technologies to address the evolving needs of the Rwandan market, driving innovation across various sectors, and reinforcing partnerships and discourse on cutting-edge solutions to accelerate Rwanda's digital revolution.

Over the years, Ericsson has actively collaborated with its partners across Rwanda to advance network infrastructure and drive digital transformation in the country. In addition to network infrastructure development, Ericsson has focused on enabling mobile money services in Rwanda, leveraging its expertise in mobile technology and financial solutions to support the nation foster greater financial accessibility and drive its socio-economic progress. Ericsson is also working closely with its partners to implement the 'SMART Rwanda' initiative, aiming to position Rwanda as an information-rich and knowledge-based society.

From collaborating with The African Telecommunications Union for spectrum recommendations, boosting digital skill in Africa in partnership with Smart Africa Digital Academy, to mapping one million schools under the Giga Initiative with UNICEF, to enabling financial inclusion with the Ericsson Wallet Platform, and to empowering young talents and innovation under the Ericsson Graduate Program and the Ericsson Innovation Awards, Ericsson’s commitment to Rwanda and Africa has been steadfast.

Through continuous innovation and engagement in Africa's ICT industry, Ericsson remains committed to delivering next-generation technology solutions that drive industrial production, improve access to societal services, and promote environmental sustainability in Rwanda and across Africa.

The team from Ericsson with Ms Paula Ingabire, Minister of ICT and Innovation in Rwanda.
The team from Ericsson with staff of Ericsson Rwanda.

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