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NATO Vs BRICS: Comparison, Military, GDP, Population

The BRICS countries are seen as challenging the existing #world order. In the US-dominated Western world, #BRICS is sometimes seen as a response to an Eastern bloc that can stand against #NATO. However, BRICS and NATO are fundamentally different. BRICS is based on economic cooperation and coordination of emerging economies, whereas, NATO is a perfect military alliance of the US and its European allies.

Comparing BRICS and NATO on the same parameters would not give a clear picture of these organisations. They are different and have different objectives, and functioning. Let’s understand how BRICS and NATO are different.

What is BRICS?

BRICS is a group of major emerging economies for economic, political and cultural cooperation. The full form of BRICS is #Brazil ??, #Russia ??, #India ??, #China ?? and #SouthAfrica ??. South Africa is the last country to join BRICS in 2010. However, many other developing countries such as Iran, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are looking to join BRICS. This expansion of BRICS has given rise to speculation of it challenging the #US and NATO.

What is NATO?

Formed in 1949, after the second world war, NATO is an intergovernmental military alliance. The full form of NATO is North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. NATO was formed by selling the idea of collective security by the US among its allies. The member countries of NATO include #USA ??, #Canada ??, the #UK ??, and several European countries. In total, there are 31 members of NATO, and Finland ?? is the latest country to join it.

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