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Unauthorized Medicine valued 808,885 Rwf Confiscated P “USALAAMA VI”

“Due to this operation much unauthorized products were confiscated particularly Body Lotion, which mostly have negative impact for the users. Also different unauthorized Medicines used in Agriculture and farming, and other Human Medicines were confiscated after being smuggled in the country particularly (26 Cartons) valued at 808,885 Rwf equal to $847.

Since October 30 to 4th November, 2019, government institutions including Rwanda investigative Bureau (RIB), Rwanda National Police (RNP), together with Rwanda Standard Board (RSB), MININFRA, and others joints this Operation for countrywide.

That operation prepared under decisions taken by EAST and South African Countries Police Association, during a conference ,which took place on 28 – 29 August ,2019 in Pretoria, South Africa.

This operation aimed at fighting all unauthorized cross borders products, drinks, drugs,illegal arms, environmental crimes, terrorism and illegal mining.

We have arrested 46 suspects engaged in these crimes and unauthorized cross borders. 10 among them are suspected of consuming drugs and unauthorized drinks.” Twagirayezu JMV, DG, Criminal Investigation department, he said.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (Minagri), Agriculture is a major component of Rwanda’s national economy. In 2009, agriculture contributed 34% to the country’s GDP1. About 84% of the population, of which 52% are women, depends either directly or indirectly on agriculture for living. However, Rwanda represents one of the most densely populated countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The low productivity is mainly attributed to the low use of inputs. In a vicious cycle, the low productivity continue to prevent farmers from using the inputs, as many farmers barely produce sufficient food to feed their family with no surplus, and therefore have no income with which to purchase yield enhancing inputs. Therefore Farmers are urged to not use unauthorized pesticides “We have suspects crimes in some districts for famers, who have packages of unauthorized pesticides, this operation in parternership with other security and criminal investigation, is very important to fight against cross borders unauthorized products includes pesticides, and fertilizers smuggled into the country. MUJAWAMARIYA MARIE Goretti, Registrar of Agrochemicals, MINAGRI, She Said.

When talking about service delivery, it’s the Quality Management System, which became internationally a powerful tool in attaining an improved service delivery by implementing ISO 9001, which provides requirement for Quality Management System. All global enterprises, government and society at large scale strive to share in the gains, efficiency and effectiveness offered by ISO 9001. It is only through the use of standards that the requirements of interconnectivity and interoperability can be assured. It is only through the application of standards that the credibility of new products and new markets can be verified. Rwanda standards Board (RSB) reminds all buyers , investors to communicate and fight for unauthorized certified products at the borders and markets.

“Preventing the use of drugs and illicit substances in societies, is not just the work of Police and authorities but by every responsible member of society. It is through this realization that our operations have been successful, because the public is forthcoming with vital information, effects of drugs should be a social concern that we all should not tolerate and to communicate for unauthorized cross borders products ,” CP JB KABERA, Commissioner for Public Relation and Media Said.

Rwanda National Police is dedicated to deliver high quality service, educate, accountability and transparence, safeguard the rule of law and provide safe and crime free environment for all.

Expired products have negative impact in the society, can decrease economic development, health sector, education, etc. the sellers can’t respect the Revenue Authority; they decrease the yields for Authorized and certified business company.

There are Laws for East African Customs Management Act. Drug abuse is the largest contributor to domestic violence, murder, theft, bodily harm, among other crimes

RIB urged citizens to fights for crimes like drugs abuse, to produce, sell, buy and

consume, Art 263 AL 3,Law 68/2018 on 30/08/2018 , cross borders crimes, transfer ofunauthorized certified products, and to share updates news about crimes, which helpful for institutions in charger to do follow up.

RIB missions is To prevent, detect, investigate and respond to current and emerging crime threats through the use of modern technology and building partnership in order to uphold the rule of law.

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